Friday, August 19, 2011

other rating systems

I have never been the the Chili's in Los Banos, California, so I don't know who to trust. Should I trust Pablo C. who reviews, "This place is awesome I go there on a regular love the food and drinks. Great service and friendly waiters."? Or is it the insightful criticism from Mia K. I should be heeding when she writes, "Nothing impressive here, just your regular Chili's. Drinks are alright, food is okay. As always, there is plenty left over to take home. The awesome blossom didn't seem too awesome at this location though, it was a little more oily than usual. The place was pretty empty for a Saturday night, yet the service was still a little slow. Probably not coming back."?

Or take ratings for the Alhambra, CA Applebee's. Vanessa L. chimes in, "I'd go with the Spinach & Artichoke Dip and Classic BBQ Wings. From what I see the cheeseburger sliders, mozzarella sticks, etc are pretty good, too! I'd only come for happy hour because it's the best!" Hard to believe, Vanessa, since right before your comment Amelia J. bemoans, "idk, i didn't really like it, and i will definitely not be going back." What to do, really? Who to trust?

I will be writing impassioned letters to over the upcoming weeks to enlist the S.S.S. (Sanchez Star System) because, really, isn't it all mostly offensive?

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