Monday, June 13, 2011


Thanks to the folks at Pine State Biscuits for the lovely breakfast! The joy in my heart could not be contained in prose, so for your consideration:

ode to biscuits
S. L. Sanchez
June 13, 2011

On bus or in train, at home or on Main
your flaky bites fill up my soul.
Slathered with gravy, some jam or just maybe
warm butter which covers the whole.

Neither bread nor a cake (but not hard to make!)
biscuits are really unique.
When you want something quickly that needn't be tricky,
biscuits are what you should seek.

Start by warming the oven, get ready for loving
with flour, some milk and the rest.
Cut round, square or long, you can never go wrong
'cause biscuits are really the best!

You can find biscuits all places, all countries and spaces
but please do not search like a rookie:
A warning for you, it's painful but true
in England they'll give you a cookie.

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