Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a worthy opponent

I do not recommend trying to cook while drunk, but this sure makes it seem like fun!

I think we could be friends except that bottle did indeed not contain Champagne. Just saying.


  1. I feel like this person and i could be potentially too similar to be friends but there were two major points of contention. What is the deal with breaking the eggs and the thought that a person could get so tipsy on just two bottles of sparkling wine seems like a bit of an act.

  2. Dear Kimi,

    I hear your first point of contention loud and clear as a bell. Egg soup? Only unless it's hot and sour or egg drop, thank you. That was just ridiculously messy. Regarding the second point, from my personal experience, two bottles of sparkling wine would have me barely coherent giggling on the kitchen floor thereby making this pretty, young thing look like an artful baker. This testimony is brought to you by someone who doesn't hold his alcohol gracefully, so this 'act' may be up for debate.

  3. lol I thought this was pretty damn funny. Just gave Michael a Ride (CG Rideshare, what what?) and he told me about this site. It did NOT dissapoint.
    Will T.